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Tailored Services

RPV’s engagement approach is tailored to meet each client's needs and business outcomes. RPV Consultants specialise in providing a tailored services that achieve a balance between our client's available resources (skills, personnel and budget) and their risk environment.


Our capacity to provide a single consultant or a team of dedicated professionals across our range of specialities ensures our clients receive a service that meets their unique requirements.


We aim to provide value for money and help organisations realise the potential value of their ICT investments, including their investment in RPV.


Some of the ways our clients have previously engaged RPV’s Tailored Services include:

  • Basic level of support to supplement client’s own personnel. This approach is commonly applied to low risk environments.

  • Experienced personnel to advise and/or deliver outcomes. The client maintains primary responsibility for project delivery. Often applied in medium risk environments.

  • Specialist expertise personnel and/or teams engaged to advise clients and/or deliver outcomes. In these instances RPV has primary responsibility for project delivery, we work closely with and report regularly to the client. Typically applied to high-risk environments.

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