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Increasing pressure on businesses to "do more with less" increases the consequences of ICT infrastructure sourcing and procurement and makes efficient an benefits driven completion crucial. Procurement can be a costly and often underestimated process that can lead to poor outcomes and long-term budget overruns.

RPV's Sourcing and Procurement Service assists clients in ensuring your procurement and sourcing process is  designed to meet identified business outcomes in the most cost effective way.

RPV's consultants have held key advising roles in government and commercial ICT procurements in excess of $1 billion. Our consultants are experienced across the procurement lifecycle. They have purchased everything from prime to mutli source arrangements across technologies ranging from mainframe and mid-range systems, to storage, end user computing telecommunications, gateways and service management solutions.

RPV's Sourcing and Procurement service helps clients conduct contract negotiations, develop tender documentation, evaluation methodologies and costing models. We assess risk and pricing and can both lead a complex procurement and support your staff through the process. At all junctures, RPV’s focus is on providing a procurement process that is tailored specifically to the individual needs of our clients.

Our Approach
In Sourcing and Procurement, RPV provides benefits to our Clients through:
  • Procurement process planning and development: procurement models that are designed to achieve cost effective business outcomes for the full term of the contract,

  • Risk minimisation through well developed acquisition strategies: development of acquisition strategies to mitigate delivery and technology risks and the overall planning of the evaluation,

  • Evaluation criteria consistent with desired project benefits: development of evaluation criteria and guidance through the use of evaluation tools,

  • Tender process management: advice on and manage the conduct of the evaluation to ensure activities are consistent and compliant with the evaluation framework,

  • Development of Source Evaluation Reports for reviews and formal approvals, and

  • Training client personnel to conduct evaluations and ensure an ongoing effective sourcing and procurement strategy for your organisation.

Sourcing and Procurement

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