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Independent Reviews

Contemporary demands on ICT Managers create challenges in finding the resources to conduct a comprehensive review that can determine a project's genuine status.


RPV's Independent Project Review Service provides an impartial and balanced assessment of your projects status, through comprehensive reports on the critical success factors that will lead to desired business outcomes.


Our Consultants conduct independent project reviews from an integrated outcome perspective. We do this in contrast to more simplistic approaches, where project reviews only report on project aspects, components or artifacts. We conduct project health checks and closely examine the relationship between business needs and project outcomes. We look closely at project planning and the integrative aspects across the project from an active risk mitigation perspective.


Our objective is to provide clients with frank and honest advice about areas of exposure and make recommendations to improve project performance, with the aim of maximising the probability of project success.


RPV’s independent project reviews are conducted by experienced personnel across our core practices: Project Management, Contract Management and Financial Management. The RPV team includes professionals with strong project risk backgrounds; an important aspect of RPV's approach is to identify specific and/or systemic risks and determine the best containment risk minimisation strategy.

Our Approach
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