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Understanding IT costs is critical to effective management. Organisations seeking to maximise the value of their IT investments need to comprehend both the cost of IT and its cost drivers.

RPV's financial and commercial consultants are leaders in ICT financial management. All are fully qualified and accredited (CA or CPA) accountants and possess considerable ICT expertise and experience. Our personnel can determine the cost of providing ICT through both the traditional view (expense type by cost centre) and by service and/or outputs view.

Our Financial Management Service team assists clients to identify and track IT costs and understand the cost drivers, system costs and outline future IT budget requirements. With and improved understanding of your organisation's cost structures, RPV further assists your financial management through the development of cost reduction and containment strategies, project cost estimation, benefit realisation and targeting future IT investments.

RPV's Financial Management Service develops robust business cases, including fully costed options, recommendations and implementation strategies and the ICT Two Pass Review process, including tendering and development of supporting documentation (for government departments).

Our Approach

Understanding ICT cost profiles is critical in maximising the value of our client's investment in ICT services. RPV's Financial Management Service can assist you to identify and track all of your ICT costs to ensure that infrastructure is obtained at the most effective price and that adequate ongoing funding is secured for ICT services.


RPV's consultants have extensive experience working in Industry and with the Commonwealth Go to:

  • determine appropriate pricing models,

  • develop financial governance mechanisms,

  • establish baseline costing models for the delivery of ICT services,

  • conduct the financial assessment of complex proposals, and

  • evaluate risks inherent with pricing structures.


RPV assists clients to determine ICT Financial Management responsibilities and develop systems to generate and use ICT financial information; feeding financial models, critical decisions and activities. We determine the cost of providing ICT services by system cost and/or by activities as shown in the table below.


ICT Costing Profiling

IT Financial Management

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