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Development of a Business Case is generally the first step in getting your project started. It justifies the investment of time, money and resources into a project by outlining the benefits that the project will bring.

RPV understand that getting the Business Case right is a vital aspect of project delivery and we can assist you to navigate through the process to produce a professional product which would include all the information your management would need to give your project the green light.

Our experts will address business objectives, stakeholder engagement, formulation and justification of options, cost/benefit analysis and risk, using professionally endorsed methodologies.

Our Approach

RPV use certified methodologies such as PRINCE2 and PMBOK to assist in Business Case development. Some of the major steps in the process include:

Business Case Development

The SMART way to develop your objectives:

Specific - objectives should be focused and well defined and should emphasise action and the required results

Measurable - objectives should be measurable so an agency can track the actions as they progress towards the objective

Achievable - objectives should be attainable and commensurate with the capacity of the agency to deliver the objectives

Relevant - objectives need to be relevant to the intended results and agency service priorities and practical such that the agency has the time and available resources to deliver the objectives and

Timely - a time frame for achieving the objectives must be defined and will need to align with the timing required to realise the proposed benefits. When setting objectives ensure they are not too narrow, and that they do not drive a particular proposal.

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